Laser Dentistry for Easy Gum Treatment

Whether you have gum disease or want cosmetic gum recontouring, laser dentistry is the solution. At Advanced Dentistry, we use the latest technology to ensure your dental care is the best it can be. Some of our patients have unruly gums. This gives them "gummy" smiles. Luckily, cosmetic gum recontouring removes gums to reveal [...]

The Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers

Your smile is important. If it isn’t as white, straight, or bright as you’d like it to be, make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. Your health, appearance and cosmetic dentistry goals define your process. Your first step to better teeth is general dental care. Regular cleaning appointments [...]

What You Shouldn’t Do with Your Invisalign Aligners

Many patients believe that since Invisalign aligners are removable, they can do whatever they want during their treatment. This is not true. Just like traditional metal braces, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. When you receive Invisalign treatment from Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, he will give you a [...]

Enjoying Halloween without the Cavities

The holiday season is amongst us and with it comes lots of candy and sweet treats. Before you and your family enjoy a heaping serving of Halloween candy this year, learn how to enjoy your sweet treats without the cavities. Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler is here to provide [...]

3 Fads Hurting Your Teeth (And How A Dentist Can Help)

Viral trends and videos are seemingly everywhere nowadays, thanks to the cameras that live in our pockets. Unfortunately, some trends get out of hand and it can be difficult to know which are good (most aren’t). If you are looking to protect your body, and more specifically your teeth, for the long haul, avoid the [...]