Dental Problems as a Child Linked to Adult Heart Disease Risk

We have talked before about the link between oral health problems, especially gum disease, and overall health problems such as heart disease. Now researchers have added a critical piece to this connection.

A new study shows that children who have dental problems are more likely […]

Is Your Dental Procedure Going to Hurt?

There are certain questions people want answered before they get a dental procedure. How long will it take? How much will it cost? And, lastly, will it hurt? While we can give good answers to the first two questions, the third one is a little less certain. But there are several things we can look […]

Is Japan’s Democracy Becoming More Like America’s?

Although the constitution of modern Japan was written by American Douglas MacArthur and the occupying administration after WWII, the country’s democracy is unlike the US’ in many ways. It’s a parliamentary system, for example, although with a president. But there’s another way that Japan’s different from the US: a smile […]

Diabetes No Barrier to Dental Implants

One of the great things about dental implants is that practically everyone is a candidate for the procedure. However, there are some conditions that in the past have been seen as making you ineligible for dental implants.

Diabetes was one of these conditions. However, newer research shows that even people with diabetes […]

How to Address Dental Anxiety to Have Better Oral Health in 2019

Are you looking to have a better 2019? Would you like to look better, feel better, and save money? There’s one easy way you can do that: improve your oral health (not to mention your heart health!) by making your regular dental visits this year.

Unfortunately, that’s not always as easy as it […]

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