What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer many benefits: they improve your quality of life, look natural, function natural, promote jaw health, require no special care, and can last a lifetime. Plus, almost everyone is a candidate for them.

Dental Implants Improve Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of our ultimate goals at Advanced […]

Recapture Your Youth With Lumineers

Time really does a number on us all. At one moment, we’re young, carefree, and beautiful, and the next thing we know, we’ve aged. Our teeth become yellow and chipped, and it shows in our smile. That’s why, according to legend, Ponce de Leon and his crew set off toward what is now Florida in […]

Will We Soon Say Goodbye to Cavities?

Cavities are more widespread than you might think. According to a study conducted by the CDC between 2011-2012, approximately 91 percent of U.S. adults between the ages 20-64 have had a cavity at one point in their life. When thinking about your oral health, you might remember your mom’s sage advice: eat too much […]

Straighten That Smile the Easy Way

Having crooked teeth can be embarrassing, but that’s only half the issue. Crooked teeth can impact your life in several unexpecting ways. At an emotional level, many who feel uncomfortable with their mouth can have problems with their confidence, which can bleed into our professional and personal lives. Crooked teeth can also make oral hygiene […]