3 Fads Hurting Your Teeth (And How A Dentist Can Help)

Viral trends and videos are seemingly everywhere nowadays, thanks to the cameras that live in our pockets. Unfortunately, some trends get out of hand and it can be difficult to know which are good (most aren’t). If you are looking to protect your body, and more specifically your teeth, for the long haul, avoid the […]

Putting Your Best Smile Forward- More Than Just a Toothpaste

Do you hide your teeth when someone wants to take a selfie? Do your tagged photos make you flinch when you look at your smile (or lack thereof)? Well, you’re not alone. 

You probably have seen commercials promising whiter teeth and a brighter smile. There are many options that exist in the toothpaste aisle, but unfortunately, […]

We Can Repair Your Dental Implant Restoration

can last a lifetime. That’s a proven fact, with over 50 years of data showing that many people who get dental implants can have them for decades before passing away with implants still functionally in place. That’s not the case for the restorations on top of the implant–the […]

How Can I Restore Worn or Chipped Teeth?

Though most worn and chipped teeth aren’t very noticeable and don’t affect daily life too much, worn teeth can affect your confidence in your smile and deteriorate your self-esteem. We are dedicated to helping you create a smile you love, and that means you don’t have to live with worn and chipped teeth.

Luckily, with the […]

Dental Problems as a Child Linked to Adult Heart Disease Risk

We have talked before about the link between oral health problems, especially , and overall health problems such as . Now researchers have added a critical piece to this connection.

A new study shows that children who have dental problems are more likely […]