At Advanced Dentistry of Butler, You Are in Control

We know that what many people fear most about going to the dentist is the feeling that you’re out of control. But at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, Dr. Bob and the rest of the staff do what we can to put you in control of your dental treatment. That way, […]

Does Mouthwash Actually Work?

If you’ve ever seen a mouthwash commercial, you know that they can supposedly do everything from fight bad breath to prevent cavities. But is it too good to be true that a quick rinse with some neon-colored minty liquid can change the course of your oral health? The answer is a little bit yes and […]

Why Choose Lumineers Over Traditional Veneers?

When a celebrity gets a smile makeover, it’s almost always veneers. Veneers have a flexibility that no other cosmetic dental procedure has: Since they conceal the existing tooth, they can resolve practically any cosmetic problem. Stained tooth? Chipped tooth? Tooth that’s too small, or misshapen? Big gaps between teeth? All of these […]

Scared of the Dentist? You’re Not the Only One

Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with dread? Maybe you’re afraid of procedures like fillings or crowns, or maybe even the prospect of a cleaning triggers anxiety. If going to the dentist (or even thinking about going to the dentist) causes fear or stress for you, […]

A Quick Introduction to Dental Implants

There are plenty of reasons that people lose teeth — from trauma to disease, and everything in between — but regardless of the reason for that gap in your smile, you’ve probably considered filling it in.

A missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It can create issues with your bite, make eating or speaking difficult, […]