Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just give you a better smile; it can give you a better life. Not only will you get a smile you’ll want to show, but it will also give you more reasons to show it. 

If you decide you want cosmetic dentistry in Butler, cosmetic dentist Dr. Bob Fornalczyk can help. With decades of experience and extensive training in cosmetic dentistry–including hands-on training at Lumineer headquarters–Dr. Fornalczyk is a great choice for your cosmetic dentistry. 

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Greater Confidence

One of the biggest benefits of cosmetic dentistry is improved confidence. If you’ve spent a lifetime covering your teeth when you smile, talk, laugh, or eat, you’ll feel transformed. Not only will you feel more comfortable showing off your smile, but you might also have the confidence to talk to people you never thought you could approach before. Whether you are considering asking someone out or approaching a supervisor about a raise or promotion, sometimes a new smile is just the confidence boost you need to take this step. 

This transformation is extremely rewarding to Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk. He has witnessed it many times with his patients, and he would love to help you achieve the improved confidence that helps you take steps to improve your life. 

Healthier Teeth

The health and beauty of your smile go hand in hand. Except for teeth whitening, most cosmetic dentistry procedures can also address damage or decay in your teeth. 

For example, a chipped tooth isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It can expose your tooth to an increased risk of cavities as well as additional chipping or cracking in the future. Using Lumineers to repair chipped or worn teeth protects those teeth from decay and damage. 

Invisalign, too, can promote healthier teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean, so orthodontics can reduce your risk of gum disease by as much as 50%, according to some studies. 

During your consultation, Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk can help you understand what health benefits you might expect from your procedures. 

Less Discomfort

As cosmetic dentistry improves the health of your teeth, it can also help you avoid discomfort from damaged teeth. Chipped teeth can be sensitive, and crooked teeth lead to uncomfortable chewing. Crooked teeth that tend to accumulate plaque and debris can also lead to painful red spots on your gums. 

Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk will make sure your cosmetic dentistry procedures will lead to greater comfort as well as an improved appearance.

Enjoy More Foods

When your teeth are less likely to hurt, it makes it easier for you to enjoy more foods. Eat ice cream again without sensitivity on that back molar. Sip wine without sensitivity in your front teeth. Enjoy popcorn with less worry that you’ll get painful husks stuck between your teeth and gums. 

If you’ve stopped eating certain foods because of discomfort, let Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk see if cosmetic dentistry procedures can let you enjoy a full range of foods again. 

You’ll Look Younger

Many of the common complaints people have about their smiles are also signs of aging. People often want cosmetic dentistry because their smile makes them look older than they feel. 

Even if looking younger is not your main goal, you’ll enjoy this benefit. Brightening your smile and building up worn or damaged teeth can rejuvenate your appearance. If you’re specifically looking to rejuvenate your look, Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk can help you understand the features of a youthful smile or even help you get back the smile you enjoyed years or decades ago. 

People Will Notice (If You Want Them to)

People make one of two requests about their cosmetic dentistry. Either they want their cosmetic dentistry to stand out, or they want it to blend in. Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Fornalczyk can achieve either result. 

If you want, you will have a truly remarkable smile, and people will remark on it with admiration.

Or, if you prefer, you can get cosmetic dentistry that blends subtly with your natural smile. With subtle cosmetic dentistry, people often know something has changed, but they might not know what. They’ll ask if you’ve lost weight, got a tan, are sleeping better, or changed your hair color–almost anything but cosmetic dentistry. 

Long-Lasting Results

Finally, one of the great reasons to smile about cosmetic dentistry is that it can be incredibly long-lasting. Invisalign and dental implants can both last a lifetime with proper care. Other procedures like veneers and crowns can last for decades. Even teeth whitening, which might last just a few months, can be renewed so you’ll enjoy a brighter smile for life. 

This makes cosmetic dentistry a great investment in your future health and happiness. 

Enjoy Beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry in Butler

If your current smile makes you unhappy every time you look in the mirror, you don’t have to live with that sadness anymore. Let Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Bob Fornalczyk help you get a procedure that will give you many reasons to smile. 

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