In the past, visits to the dentist’s office could have been much-dreaded, uncomfortable experiences. Just like long car rides or international flights, visiting your dentist was something you simply did not want to do.

That’s why our advanced technology and top-notch dental team is here to assure you that oral hygiene is nothing to fret. So, forget the dreaded visits of your past! Next time you come into Advanced Dentistry of Butler, our team will greet you with smiles and make sure you’re comfortable.

Relax at the denists office

Dental Anxiety is Normal

If you get dental anxiety, we understand your struggle. We have many patients who experience anxiety and stress when they come into our office. If you experience anxiety, our team truly wants to help.

In fact, dental anxiety isn’t strange or abnormal. It’s actually fairly common. Anxiety and fear cause 9 to 15% of Americans to stay home instead of visiting the dentist. As dentists, we hate that so many Americans miss out on proper treatment due to stress.

That’s why we want to help. Here at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, we do everything in our power to make patients feel safe, secure, and at-home. We are proud of the service we provide and we want our patients to be courageous.

Rethinking Dental Anxiety

Over the years, dentistry has improved its technology to give dental access to everyone. Fortunately, this includes people with anxiety and stress. One of the ways we assist patients with anxiety is through sedation dentistry.

When you visit Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, we will talk about your specific needs and how we can better assist you. For your comfort, we offer oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. Depending on the amount of anxiety you experience, we will administer sedation therapy accordingly.

A Dental Team You Can Trust

Yes, sedation dentistry helps people overcome their fear of big equipment. But, really, it’s the people who make your dental experience relaxing. Our dentist and dental hygienists are all practiced in calming therapy and ready to help.

When you visit Dr. Fornalczyk and our dental team, you will feel the difference of staff members who care. Each of us at Advanced Dentistry of Butler works here because we want to make lives better. And that’s our hope for you.

Your Dentist in Butler, PA

If you’ve had too many uncomfortable or panic-stricken dental appointments, try Advanced Dentistry of Butler instead. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fornalczyk online or call us at (724) 282-4436.