The latest trend in caring for our planet has been removing straws from restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. We fully support this initiative which saves tons of plastic from entering our water systems and polluting our oceans. However, what does this do to our teeth?

When we use straws, we save our teeth from dark-colored, sugary, and highly acidic drinks. In other words, our teeth see less erosion, less decay, and less staining when we sip through a straw. Additionally, straws can help people with sensitive teeth drink cold beverages by bypassing the sensitive areas. 

So, if we can’t use plastic straws and we want to help our teeth, what’s the solution? You can always pack yourself some reusable straws on your next trip to the coffee shop or bar! Better yet, keep a reusable straw in your bag so you always have it when you need it!

reusable metal and plastic straws on display

Straws Save Us From Eroding Teeth and Decay

We can’t resist those delicious, highly acidic, sugary drinks such as lemonade, soft drinks, and cider. If you actually can avoid them, you’re doing much better than we are! 

Unfortunately, these tasty treats wash acid and sugar over our tooth enamel. Over time, the repeated action of rinsing our mouths with acid or sugar begins to wear on your teeth. First, your enamel will begin to erode and leave your teeth unprotected. Then, your teeth will become permanently sensitive or result in decay.

Drinking from a straw can save our teeth by not letting acidic or sugary liquids pool inside our mouths. Without excess sugar or acid on our teeth, they will remain strong for longer periods of time. If you want fewer cavities, try using a reusable straw!

Keep Your Smile Pearly White

Straws work wonders to keep your teeth the whitest they can be. Think about the dark beverages you consume. Then, think about the effect they would have on your beige carpet if you happened to spill them. That stain, though you might get most of it out, will remain on your carpet as a very light discoloration–even if only you notice it. 

Now, think about your teeth. When you drink dark beverages, you are creating very tiny stains over and over again. If you don’t use a straw when you drink colas, coffee, or red wine, you might have to see your dentist for professional teeth whitening.

Talk to Your Dentist About How to Brighten Your Smile

If you have any questions about how straws help your teeth or you want to know more about teeth whitening, visit our dental office in Butler, Pennsylvania. Dr. Fornalczyk is happy to talk to you about preventing tooth sensitivity, erosion, decay, and staining. Give us a call at (724) 282-4436 or schedule an appointment online