Dental implants can last a lifetime. That’s a proven fact, with over 50 years of data showing that many people who get dental implants can have them for decades before passing away with implants still functionally in place. That’s not the case for the restorations on top of the implant–the crown or bridge. While these restorations can also last a long time (30 years or more), they often need adjustment or repair every decade or so.

But this can cause a problem in some situations. If you need a repair on an implant or restoration that was placed over a decade ago, your dentist might be retired and you need to find a new implant dentist.

No doubt you have questions about Dental Implants restorations. At Advanced Dentistry of Butler, we can help. We can repair your implant or restoration in many situations.

Older bearded shoemaker working in his shop to repair an a boot. Like a shoe, a dental implant can last a lifetime - but you need to replace shoelaces and soles.

Implant No Longer Matches Teeth

One of the most common concerns about implants is that they stop matching the appearance of your natural teeth. Usually that’s because the natural teeth have become discolored, while the implant retains its natural color. If this is the case, we can remove the crown and replace it with a new one–without disturbing the implant itself.

Crown Is Chipped or Cracked

Another common problem is that the dental crown on an implant can chip or crack. While dental implants are made of titanium, the crown is just ceramic, possibly with a metal core. Until recently, these ceramics weren’t be as strong as titanium, so the pressure from an implant could potentially wear, chip, or crack them.

In this case, we can remove the chipped or cracked crown and replace it with a new one.

Loose Crown

If your implant tooth starts moving around, you might worry that the implant is failing. Usually, it’s just the crown on top that’s coming loose. This could be because the crown is damaged, or it could be the fault of the abutment, a small connection piece between the implant and crown. Not all implants use abutments, but they are very common.

If the crown is the problem, we’ll remove it and replace it. If the abutment is the problem, we might be able to find a replacement abutment that will work, but often we try to replace the abutment and crown with a new single piece that is less prone to damage.

Implant Is Exposed

Having an exposed dental implant might be more than a cosmetic problem. Yes, it’s bad that the implant screw is visible, but it could also mean that the implant isn’t as secure as it should be. We will evaluate your implant to make sure it’s not at risk of failure. We’ll also try to figure out what is causing the loss of bone and gums. We might refer you to a periodontist for further treatment of gum disease if necessary.

If the problem turns out to be just cosmetic, we can redesign your restoration to conceal the implant better, helping it remain a beautiful, functional replacement tooth.

Looking for a Dentist to Repair Your Implant in Butler?

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