When we visit the dentist, we all hope for a quick cleaning visit without any surprises. Finding out you need a dental crown is never a happy realization. We know the routine. First, you’ll have to do the preparation appointment with all that drilling. Next, your dentist will often send you home with an uncomfortable, ill-fitting temporary crown until the new one is ready. 

This process is a huge hassle. That’s why we want to make your dental crown experience so much easier! Here at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, we are constantly improving our practice so your visit and your mouth are as comfortable as possible. For dental crowns, we will make sure that you are comfortable both at our office and at home afterward. Even better, you can forget about all the drilling and discomfort with sedation dentistry! 

Quick & Easy Dental Crowns

mature woman hugs husband from behindBecause our office uses the best technology to create our dental crowns, we can easily prepare and fit your crown to your smile. We also make sure that your temporary crown is comfortable and reliable while you wait for your permanent crown. You just have to sit back and relax while we prepare your teeth, form your crown, and fit it to your beautiful smile. 

With computer-based technology, Dr. Fornalcyzk can make beautiful, functional, and lasting dental crowns in a short amount of time. And, if you treat your crowns with care, they can last decades! 

Relax With Sedation Dentistry

If you experience dental anxiety, as many of us do, then we know what you’re thinking. Many people think that better fitting crowns take more time and more discomfort at the dentist’s office. Though we do take our work very seriously, we also make sure that you are comfortable the entire time. 

When our patients express their anxiety to us, our team sits down with them to discuss their options. Sedation dentistry ranges from minimal sedation up to heavy sedation, with a few options in between. Once we explain all the options, our patients can decide on the best solution for them. 

So, when we say that you can sit back and relax through your dental crown appointment, we mean it! When you visit us at Advanced Dentistry of Butler, we want you to be comfortable while getting the smile of your dreams.

Your Dentist in Butler, Pennsylvania

If you have damaged teeth and want a better dental crown experience, visit Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (724) 282-4436 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll be able to get your pearly whites back to normal in no time!