When a celebrity gets a smile makeover, it’s almost always veneers. Veneers have a flexibility that no other cosmetic dental procedure has: Since they conceal the existing tooth, they can resolve practically any cosmetic problem. Stained tooth? Chipped tooth? Tooth that’s too small, or misshapen? Big gaps between teeth? All of these things can be readily corrected by veneers.

But not all veneers are created equal. This procedure has been around since the 1930s, and the materials and processes are constantly changing and improving as dental technology improves. These days, there’s a new type of veneer in town: Lumineers.

Why Choose Lumineers | Butler PA Dentist

Lumineers 101

Just like traditional veneers, Lumineers are a thin, durable facade applied over your natural teeth to change their appearance. But there are a lot of ways that Lumineers differ from — and improve upon — other veneers.

With traditional veneers, it’s necessary to remove some of the existing tooth material in order to make room to fit the veneer. Not only can this cause discomfort during the procedure and recovery process, it also permanently damages your natural teeth. Once you have veneers, there’s no going back. You’ll have to have veneers forever, and if they become damaged, you’ll need to replace them with new ones.

But Lumineers are a more advanced form of veneers, carefully crafted to be thinner and yet still durable and attractive. They’re so thin that in many cases, Lumineers can fit right on top of your natural teeth. Your dentist won’t need to damage your natural teeth, plus the procedure will be completely painless. And if you decide you want to remove the veneers and go back to your natural teeth, Lumineers can be completely reversible.

Ready for Lumineers?

When you’re ready to get Lumineers, the process is very simple. First, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to ensure that your Lumineers can be custom crafted to fit your teeth exactly. During this time, your dentist will consult with you about what your goals are for the procedure, so they can make sure that your needs are met with the procedure. After that first visit, your impressions will be sent off to a lab where your Lumineers are made to your measurements and specifications.

Once your custom Lumineers are done, it’s just one more visit to have them put on. You’ll walk out of your second appointment with a brand new set of teeth!

Of course, Lumineers aren’t perfect for everyone. If your teeth are particularly large, crowded, or badly discolored, traditional veneers may be a better choice for you. Plus, if you have any very crooked teeth, there may not be room to correct the crookedness with Lumineers; traditional veneers could solve that problem by removing some of the tooth material.

If Lumineers are right for your situation, they can make the smile makeover procedure quick, easy, and pain-free. Want to know if you’re a good candidate for Lumineers? Call (724) 282-4436 or contact us online to make an appointment.