Do you have a tooth that you’ve never liked the shape of? Or is one of your teeth chipped? Maybe you have a gap in your smile where two teeth don’t quite come together. If you have any of these problems or many others, dental bonding is a quick and inexpensive way to treat it. Using an advanced composite, we can reshape your teeth to achieve the appearance you want.

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Can Dental Bonding Help You?

Dental bonding is a very versatile treatment option. It can be used to achieve many cosmetic goals, such as:

  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Reshaping unattractive teeth

Dental bonding is commonly used to repair chipped teeth. Your tooth can quickly be made to look as if it were never damaged.

If you have a gap between your teeth, it can be applied to the teeth on either side of the gap to close the space. This can be used as an option to Invisalign, and can even work in situations where orthodontics wouldn’t close the gap, such as when it’s caused by receding gums.

If you have a tooth that has an unattractive shape, such as being shorter than your other teeth, or maybe it’s a peg lateral or other tooth that didn’t form properly. Bonding can be applied to the tooth to give it a more attractive shape.

These are just a few of the applications for dental bonding. It can be applied in many more situations where you’re trying to address specific cosmetic complaints.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding uses the same advanced composites that are used for tooth-colored fillings. It starts out as a putty that is shapeable.

The area where the bonding is to be applied gets roughed slightly using a light acid wash. This helps the bonding stick better. Then the bondings is applied and shaped by Dr. Bob. Once the materials is shaped, it is hardened with a curing light. If the bonding to be applied is going to be thick, it may have to be done in stages.

Once the final shape is achieved, the surface is polished to give it a luster like natural enamel.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a great treatment because it:

  • Is inexpensive
  • Can be completed in one visit
  • Looks attractive
  • Can last for years

Dental bonding is, generally, a fraction of the cost of other treatment options for the same complaint, such as orthodontics or Lumineers.

And the treatment can be completed in just one visit. You come in with a smile that makes you unhappy, but you’ll leave with the smile results you wanted. Very easy and convenient.

When done properly, dental bonding can look very attractive, just like a natural tooth.

And it gives long-lasting results if you take care of it.

Limitations of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is not always right for your situation. It has a number of limitations, including:

  • Can wear down
  • Can stain
  • May not maintain polish
  • Does not last as long as other restorations

Dental bonding material is not as strong as ceramic restorations like Lumineers, so it may not last or look attractive as long as other restorations. When put on an occlusal surface–one that contacts other teeth–dental bonding can wear down. It’s also vulnerable to staining, and it can lose its polish so that it’ll look more dull than tooth enamel.

There’s another limit of dental bonding: it depends on the artistry of your cosmetic dentist. So, for the best results it’s important to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Bob who can work with the material to get the beautiful results you’re looking for.

Is Bonding Right for Your Smile?

Are you looking for an affordable way to repair and beautify your smile? Dental bonding might be ideal for you.

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