What If Dental Crowns Were Easier?

When we visit the dentist, we all hope for a quick cleaning visit without any surprises. Finding out you need a dental crown is never a happy realization. We know the routine. First, you’ll have to do the preparation appointment with all that drilling. Next, your dentist will often send you home with an [...]

Enjoying Halloween without the Cavities

The holiday season is amongst us and with it comes lots of candy and sweet treats. Before you and your family enjoy a heaping serving of Halloween candy this year, learn how to enjoy your sweet treats without the cavities. Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler is here to provide [...]

Dental Problems as a Child Linked to Adult Heart Disease Risk

We have talked before about the link between oral health problems, especially gum disease, and overall health problems such as heart disease. Now researchers have added a critical piece to this connection. A new study shows that children who have dental problems are more likely to have heart disease [...]

Why You Might Have More Cavities Than You Thought

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but sometimes it’s the truth: you might come in for an appointment, and we have to tell you that have multiple cavities. Sometimes, the number of cavities you have now might be more than you’ve ever had in your life. Usually when this happens, our patients [...]

Can a New Chocolate Candy Really Protect Your Teeth?

As Halloween is approaching, parents and dentists alike are bracing for the consequences of the annual holiday candy-fest: the post-holiday cavity-fest. Prevention might be as easy as just saying no, but as long as kids love candy, they’re probably going to get cavities. If only there were a kind of candy that didn’t cause cavities, [...]

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