Will We Soon Say Goodbye to Cavities?

Cavities are more widespread than you might think. According to a study conducted by the CDC between 2011-2012, approximately 91 percent of U.S. adults between the ages 20-64 have had a cavity at one point in their life. When thinking about your oral health, you might remember your mom’s sage advice: eat too much candy, [...]

3 Steps to Prevent Cavities

With technological advances like quantum computing, algorithms that allow for machine learning, and gene-editing through methods like CRISPR, it’s hard to believe that we still don’t have better ways for preventing cavities. A few scientist around the world are trying to change that; however, in a recent study conducted at the University of Alabama at [...]

Red Wine Mouthwash?

Red wine seems to be in the spotlight in health-related news items these days. From helping fight brain toxicity to helping good bacteria produce a probiotic reaction in our digestion. Recently, researchers in Spain have tested these same effects and how they would relate to our teeth and gums and the results seem promising. [...]

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