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What Happens When You Skip Your Dental Cleaning

Every six months, your dental office will probably call to remind you of your upcoming dental cleaning. You might feel inclined to skip their phone call or cancel your appointment without hesitation but what you don’t know is how skipping just one dental cleaning can affect your oral health. Before you [...]

The Top 4 Benefits of Root Canals

Root canals often have a bad reputation for being incredibly painful treatments but it’s actually not the treatment that causes the pain, it’s the infection that requires the treatment. There’s also a huge debate as to whether it’s better to get a root canal or have the tooth extracted. At Advanced Dentistry of Butler, [...]

What If Dental Crowns Were Easier?

When we visit the dentist, we all hope for a quick cleaning visit without any surprises. Finding out you need a dental crown is never a happy realization. We know the routine. First, you’ll have to do the preparation appointment with all that drilling. Next, your dentist will often send you home with an [...]

How (Reusable) Straws Can Save Your Teeth

The latest trend in caring for our planet has been removing straws from restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. We fully support this initiative which saves tons of plastic from entering our water systems and polluting our oceans. However, what does this do to our teeth? When we use straws, we save our teeth from [...]

Enjoying Halloween without the Cavities

The holiday season is amongst us and with it comes lots of candy and sweet treats. Before you and your family enjoy a heaping serving of Halloween candy this year, learn how to enjoy your sweet treats without the cavities. Dr. Fornalczyk at Advanced Dentistry of Butler is here to provide [...]

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