Preventive Care

Can a New Chocolate Candy Really Protect Your Teeth?

As Halloween is approaching, parents and dentists alike are bracing for the consequences of the annual holiday candy-fest: the post-holiday cavity-fest. Prevention might be as easy as just saying no, but as long as kids love candy, they’re probably going to get cavities. If only there were a kind of candy that didn’t cause cavities, [...]

Does Mouthwash Actually Work?

If you’ve ever seen a mouthwash commercial, you know that they can supposedly do everything from fight bad breath to prevent cavities. But is it too good to be true that a quick rinse with some neon-colored minty liquid can change the course of your oral health? The answer is a little bit yes [...]

Scared of the Dentist? You’re Not the Only One

Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with dread? Maybe you’re afraid of procedures like fillings or crowns, or maybe even the prospect of a cleaning triggers anxiety. If going to the dentist (or even thinking about going to the dentist) causes fear or stress for [...]

Red Wine Mouthwash?

Red wine seems to be in the spotlight in health-related news items these days. From helping fight brain toxicity to helping good bacteria produce a probiotic reaction in our digestion. Recently, researchers in Spain have tested these same effects and how they would relate to our teeth and gums and the results seem promising. [...]

Your Dentist Can Protect Your Heart Health

Over the course of February, you probably heard a lot of talk about how to improve the health of your heart. And this is important, since heart disease kills about 2300 Americans every day. But one of the suggestions you might not have heard is that your dentist can help protect your heart. But [...]

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