Preventive Health

Vaping Increases Risk of Gum Disease

Overall, the rate of smoking tobacco has decreased in recent years. In Pennsylvania, nearly 23% of adults smoked in 2011, compared to 16% in 2020. From an oral health standpoint, this is good. Smoking is associated with an increased risk of gum disease. Since gum disease is the leading cause of [...]

Habits to Help Your Cosmetic Dentistry Results Last

After you achieve an amazing smile with help from cosmetic dentistry, you probably don’t want your results to go away anytime soon. Fortunately, with the right habits, you can expect your cosmetic dentistry results for many years to come. It’s just a matter of maintaining those habits long-term. If you’re ready to {{{{link id='50151' [...]

How (Reusable) Straws Can Save Your Teeth

The latest trend in caring for our planet has been removing straws from restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. We fully support this initiative which saves tons of plastic from entering our water systems and polluting our oceans. However, what does this do to our teeth? When we use straws, we save our teeth from [...]

3 Fads Hurting Your Teeth (And How A Dentist Can Help)

Viral trends and videos are seemingly everywhere nowadays, thanks to the cameras that live in our pockets. Unfortunately, some trends get out of hand and it can be difficult to know which are good (most aren’t). If you are looking to protect your body, and more specifically your teeth, for the long haul, avoid the [...]

3 Steps to Prevent Cavities

With technological advances like quantum computing, algorithms that allow for machine learning, and gene-editing through methods like CRISPR, it’s hard to believe that we still don’t have better ways for preventing cavities. A few scientist around the world are trying to change that; however, in a recent study conducted at the University of Alabama at [...]

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