3 Reasons Why You Should Skip OTC Whitening Products

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your smile to look great in all your summer photos, you might feel inspired to whiten your teeth. Before you head to the internet to order a DIY kit or to the store for some whitening strips, we encourage you to read the rest [...]

When is the Right Time to Whiten Your Teeth?

If you’re asking yourself, when is the right time to whiten my teeth, the answer is probably now. If you are unhappy with discolored teeth, then it is absolutely the right time to fix your smile and get that confidence boost you need.  Discolored teeth can make you appear both older and unhealthy, which [...]

Putting Your Best Smile Forward- More Than Just a Toothpaste

Do you hide your teeth when someone wants to take a selfie? Do your tagged photos make you flinch when you look at your smile (or lack thereof)? Well, you’re not alone.  You probably have seen commercials promising whiter teeth and a brighter smile. There are many options that exist in the toothpaste aisle, but [...]

Is Diet Staining Your Teeth?

Americans really want white teeth. Walk near the toothpaste in any grocery store, and you’ll see hundreds of products claiming to “whiten,” “brighten,” or repair your smile. You’ll find expensive teeth whitening strips, probably with security devices on them, and it some places, you might even see charcoal toothpaste. Some people have even become so [...]

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