Why Patient Reviews Matter in Choosing a Dentist

There are many things you can learn about a dentist online. You can look up their training and experience. You can see what procedures they offer, the location of their office, and what hours they’re open. But you can’t tell whether they’re a good dentist or not unless you look at reviews. 

Reviews reflect the experience of people working with a dentist, so you know whether a dentist is good at the art, craft, and personal care of dentistry. Reviews can also give you insight into what matters at the dental practice, the details that set one dentist apart from others. 

How to Read Dental Reviews

When you’re reading dental reviews, don’t just look at the number of stars. It’s essential to make sure a dentist has good reviews–Robert W. Fornalczyk, DDS and the team at Advanced Dentistry of Butler is rated more than 4.5 stars by our patients–but that’s not enough. Instead, you need to read the reviews to find out what people are saying. See how people feel about the dentist. 

After reading a few reviews in full, you can get a good sense of what matters to a dentist by using the find-on-page feature on your browser or phone to pick up on significant trends in a dentist’s reviews. For example, if you load all the reviews on this page and search, you’ll find that there are 13 mentions that the practice is “kind” and 11 mentions of “caring” and “care.” Others mention that the practice is “nice” and “friendly,” and many call Dr. Fornalczyk “the best.”