Have you wished that you could make your teeth new again, somehow? What if they could be brighter, longer, straighter than they are now? What if they could be even better than when they were new? That’s what veneers can do. They have the power to essentially remake all the teeth in your mouth, making them brighter, straighter, and taller. You can restore your smile to its previous brilliance or have a smile that you’ve only ever dreamt of.

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What Veneers Can Do

Veneers are thin veneers of ceramic that are bonded to your teeth. They are popular because they can be used for many different applications. They can be used to:

  • Whiten your teeth
  • Reshape your teeth
  • Close gaps in your smile
  • Repair chipped teeth
  • Extend teeth
  • Straighten teeth

In fact, almost any cosmetic complaint you may have about your teeth can be fixed with veneers. They can’t replace a tooth, but anything short of that is well within their capabilities. And they do it well.

Veneer Benefits

There are also many good reasons to choose veneers over some other cosmetic dentistry options when trying to achieve these goals. That’s because they can:

  • Treat one tooth or your entire smile
  • Whiten teeth that don’t respond to whitening
  • Achieve results much faster than orthodontics
  • Just one procedure for a full smile makeover
  • Give long-lasting results
  • Look just like natural teeth

With veneers, we can focus treatment on just one problem tooth, or remake the entire smile at the same time.

If your teeth won’t whiten because the enamel is naturally dim, the enamel is too thin, or discoloration comes from within, they can work where tooth whitening doesn’t.

And while Invisalign and other orthodontics may take six months or a year, veneers can close smile gaps and straighten teeth in about one month.

The results with veneers can be very long-lasting. With proper care, they can last for 10-20 years. Plus, their outer glaze coating means that they can repel stains to stay white and attractive for their lifetime.

If you are looking for subtly attractive results, veneers can do that. They can be perfectly matched to your natural teeth so that they don’t stand out at all. Or you can choose to have a dramatically new and different smile that will definitely get attention.

Are These “Porcelain” Veneers?

Porcelain veneers were developed in the 1930s for the movie industry. Over the years, they began to be used by more people outside of Hollywood. They looked great, but they were relatively fragile.

Innovations changed the materials that veneers were made out of. Today, they are made of very advanced ceramics, stronger than your natural tooth enamel. Some are even stronger than titanium.

But some people still call them porcelain veneers out of habit or because they look like porcelain.

Are You Ready for Your Smile Makeover?

If you’re unhappy with one or more aspects of your smile’s appearance, we can help. We can design a smile makeover using porcelain veneers to give you the smile of your dreams.

Please call (724) 282-4436 today for an appointment with Butler cosmetic dentist Dr. Bob at Advanced Dentistry of Butler.