Step 1 - Photo Selection

Follow the checklist below to TAKE or UPLOAD a full face photo:

Photo Selection Checklist:
  • - Select a flattering photo
  • - Use a plain, neutral background if possible
  • - The photo must show from above the head to below the chin
  • - Create a straight line directly from the camera to the face
  • - The head should be level and looking directly at the camera
  • - Show a natural smile (not forced) that shows as many teeth as possible
Max. file size: 2 MB.

Step 2 - Contact Info

Complete the contact information below:

I am a:(Required)

Step 3 - Digital Smile Design

To create the best custom simulation please answer the following three questions:

#1 Tell us about your smile (tap below to select all that apply):(Required)
#2 Select the smile enhancements important to you (select all that apply):(Required)